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Checklist for the Seller

These following documents need to for the escrow
  • Fully Signed Contract or Document for the Instructions.
  • Items or documents as per the contract.
  • Valid Photo Id.
  • Authorizations if needed.
  • Business Broker Disclosers and Agency Relations if you have.
  • Record inventory of all furniture, fixtures and equipments of the business being conveyed in the sale, including any vehicles.
  • Allocation of Funds list.
  • Bank information if want to wire the funds.
  • Obtain the name, address, telephone number, and corresponding account numbers of the landlord and other relevant parties.
  • All current notes, Agreements such as lease, Suppliers and Vendors agreements etc which are related to the businesses.
  • Copies of All Licenses, Permits and other documents pertaining to the Business and also showing the ownership.
  • Open Escrow – sign escrow instructions and preliminary documents for filing/publication.
  • All Ownership Papers such as Individual / LLC / Corporation / Partnership needed.
  • Other Government, Lender and other agency required documents which needed to send from the Escrow.
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