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BizWorldUSA.com is an interactive business web portal that provides a platform for the exchange of businesses and business services within the American business community. Use of this website will help buyers receive the best products and services from sellers, brokers, and other business intermediary professionals. BizWorldUSA.com allows you to search for a desired business or business related service anywhere in America.

This committed and dedicated website provides you with instant email alerts, daily email alerts, edited email alerts, new business email alerts, and service alerts for all business listings or services. You can also post your request for required services such as buying a business, selling a business, business financing, broker services, business intermediary services (title, legal, escrow service, etc.) on the web site. You can edit your priorities at any time.

BizWorldUSA.com allows you to receive business news, business comments, expert’s opinions, market analysis, business transfer process, legal opinions, franchise opportunities, broker services, intermediary services, resources for business licenses and permits, etc. All of these services are provided to you at no charge.

  • No set up fee, no monthly fee, no recurring fee for buyers.
  • You sleep, but we never sleep. We work for you 24/7.

Once you register, you will be able to following;

  • Contact a seller
  • Contact a broker
  • Contact a lender
  • Contact intermediary professionals
  • Contact franchisors
  • Contact vendors
  • Post your business requests
  • Post your finance requests
  • Post your business service requests
  • Receive instant email alerts
  • Receive daily email alerts
  • Receive special business alerts
  • Receive replies from third parties for your requests
  • Post your comments and feedback
  • Forward business listings and/or services
  • Refer a friend

Frequently asked questions about BizWorldUSA.com

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1. What is BizWorldUSA.com?

BizWorldUSA.com is the best business portal available in the market that connects sellers, buyers, business intermediaries, lenders, and other business professionals that want to sell or buy a business.

BizWorldUSA.com is creating a network of users in the business community.

2. Why should I use BizWorldUSA.com?

You should use BizWorldUSA.com because it is a local business portal which makes it convenient to find businesses for sale, broker services, financial services, businesses intermediary services, etc. All these products are available to you to help you achieve your desired business objectives.

3. When should I use BizWorldUSA.com?

The portal will be available for access 24/7 basis so you can use it whenever you want.

4. Who are the BizWorldUSA.com users?

Business owners/sellers, business buyers, business brokers, agents, business escrow companies, business advisers, business lenders, financial advisers, business marketing personal, franchising companies, business related professionals, etc.

5. Do I need to register to use the BizWorldUSA.com portal?

Yes, in order to receive full web services outlined above you need to register. However, anyone can search the business listings and services.

6. What are the advantages if I register?

If you register you can get free services such as email alters or SMS alerts regarding businesses and business related services. You also have an opportunity post your requirements free of cost so that related business professionals can contact you directly.

7. Will BizWorldUSA.com really help me find business solutions?

Absolutely. BizWorldUSA.com is a business portal that combines all necessary business information such as businesses for sale and availability of business professional’s services. By using all the features of BizWorldUSA.com, you significantly increase your chances of selling or buying the right business. Per the world sales report, most listed businesses will be sold when there is effective communication. Over 100,000 emails/SMS will be sent out to prospective buyers, sellers, and intermediaries every day, which will increase your chances of buying and selling a business.

8. Is my registered information secure?

Yes, your information is absolutely secure. We do not share any of your information with third parties. However, if you do opt to receive services, emails, or newsletters from third parties, they will contact you either via email, phone, text, etc. To learn more about privacy, please read our privacy policy. If you have further questions please email privacy@Bizworldusa.com.

9. How can I activate after registration?

BizWorldUSA.com will send an activation link to your email address. Please click the attached link and your registration will be activated.

10. What will happen if I forget my password?

Do not worry or panic. You can just send an email to BizWorldUSA.com and we will send the password to your email address.

11. Do I have to pay any fee to BizWorldUSA.com for using the portal?

No. This is a free site for users; only advertisers are charged fees.

12. Will I have to pay any fee to BizWorldUSA.com if I buy or receive any business services from a third party?

No, you will not pay any fee to BizWorldUSA.com. However, if you contract a business service from a third party you will have to make fee arrangements with that third party.

13. How do I prevent BizWorldUSA.com emails, newsletters, promotions, etc. from going to my spam folder?

To avoid the spam folder, please add BizWorldUSA.com to your address book and also put BizWorldUSA.com in the safe list. By doing so you can avoid spam and you can enjoy BizWorldUSA.com services.

14. What is an SMS alert?

These are short messaging service messages that will come to your cell phone.

15. Will the SMS service cost any money?

BizWorldUSA.com does not charge any money. However your cell phone carrier may charge for texts. Check with your carrier before signing up for such services.

16. What are email alerts?

This is an instant notice from BizWorldUSA.com for your desired category of business, newly listed business, professional services, etc. You will get notice of any changes to the listings in which you have expressed interest.

17. Will email alerts cost any money?

It is a free service. You do not have to pay anything. To get these services, just log in and opt for the desired function.

18. Can I edit or turn off alerts?

Yes. Log in to your account and opt out of the service that you do not want.

19. Can I post a business request or loan request or business service request?

Yes, you can post such requests at any time. To post a request, log in to your account and post your business need. You can edit/delete a request at any time. Business professionals will contact you directly.

20. How much does it cost to post a business or business service request?

This service is free.

21. Can BizWorldUSA.com remove my posting?

In general we do not remove listings or posted information. However, if any content is abusive or unsafe, BizWorldUSA.com retains the right to remove the posting without notification. For further information, please read the terms and conditions on our web site or email support@Bizworldusa.com.

22. Can I listen to the audio which was posted by an advertiser/seller/broker, etc.?

Yes, you can listen to the audio posted by a potential advertiser/seller/broker, etc. You can listen as many times as you want. You can also record or download if you wish. All of this is free of cost.

23. Can I watch the videos?

Yes, you can watch the videos posted by a potential advertiser/seller/broker. You can watch the video as many times as you want. You can also record or download if you wish. All of this is free of cost.

24. What is advantage of video material?

Many people find it convenient and effective to convey information in this manner. Often you will be able to see the business premises and obtain a better understanding of the business operations. This also helps you save time exploring various business opportunities.

25. As a prospective buyer, how are these tools going to help me buy a business?

BizWorldUSA.com makes these tools available for the benefit of buyers and sellers because prospective buyers and sellers do not want to waste their time. After you have prepared a short list of businesses that you might be interested in purchasing, you can use this site to find out detailed information about businesses. You can listen to the seller descriptions, view available videos, and also understand the seller’s vision of the business. This can help you decide to pursue this business or not. According to the World Buyer Report column, 85% of buyers are not able to buy a business because of a lack of sufficient information.

26. Should I contact the advertiser/broker/franchisor/professional directly?

Yes, you can contact them directly. However, before contacting them, please read their preferred method of contact such as time, email, SMS, preferred telephone numbers, etc.

27. Can I search by business by name/category?

Yes. Type words in the keywords field and search. Within seconds you will have your search results. You can use this tool to narrow your search to a certain area and/or types of business.

28. Can I search by company name?

Yes. Type a company name in the keyword field and search. Within seconds you will have the search results containing all the relevant responses. You can use this tool to narrow your search to a certain area and/or types of business.

29. Can I search by using just a few related words?

Yes. If you are not sure about the services or area, just enter the keyword and the results will show all of the available matches.

30. Can I search the businesses by state?

Yes, you can. This is a broad search i.e. all of the matching results will be displayed. You may want to narrow the results by simply using an advanced search.

31. Can I search the businesses by county?

Yes, you can. This is a broad search i.e. all of the matching results will be displayed. You may want to narrow the results by simply using an advanced search.

32. Can I search the businesses by city?

Yes, you can. This is a broad search i.e. all of the matching results will be displayed. You may want to narrow the results by simply using an advanced search.

33. Can I search the businesses by zip code?

Yes, you can. This is the shortest searchable area.

34. Can I search using more than one search criteria?

Yes, you can. You can use as many keywords as you want. BizWorldUSA.com is a powerful local business community portal which searches your requested criteria in seconds. You might miss something, but BizWorldUSA.com does not miss it.

35. How can I verify the accuracy of the information posted by an advertiser/seller/broker?

Before contacting an advertiser, please read, listen, or watch all information posted by the advertiser regarding the business, financial, lease, service, product, etc. If you want to verify this information, you have to do your own due diligence. BizWorldUSA.com is neither representing nor guaranteeing any of that information. As a potential user, it is your responsibility to do your due diligence.

36. BizWorldUSA.com provides, articles, disclosures, methods of sales, etc. related to the business industry. Can I use this to complete a sale or as legal documents or advice?

No. All contents/disclosures/opinions are expressed by experienced professionals. Those will vary from person to person and transaction to transaction. We believe this information can help you understand issues involved in selling a business. But please do not take these opinions as final or legal for business transactions. Please contact a licensed business professional before using any opinions or examples on BizWorldUSA.com.

37. Can I refer this site to my friends?

Yes, you can. All services are free of cost. BizWorldUSA.com always encourages you to participate to help the business community.

38. Can I send feedback on the portal?

Absolutely. You can post your comments on the blog which will help other customers and also provide valuable feedback that will help us provide the best services.

39. How can I get further assistance on the portal?

To learn more about the BizWorldUSA.com web portal, or for all kinds of questions and concerns please contact us at support@Bizworldusa.com or 415-234-8833 and one of our professionals will contact you. BizWorldUSA.com is always happy to help the customer as your satisfaction is our top priority.