Nationwide Listings For Buying And Selling Commercial Real Estate And Businesses "Buy or Sell Locally - Advertise Nationally"

Nationwide Listings For Buying And Selling Commercial Real Estate And Businesses
"Buy or Sell Locally - Advertise Nationally"

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Buying A Business FAQ | Business Buying Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is is the best business portal available in the market that connects sellers, buyers, business intermediaries, lenders, and other business professionals that want to sell or buy a business or business related services.

2. Why should I use the is a highly secure and safe local business portal with the world’s best tools for marketing which helps you to buy a business and also get business professional services from various business professionals such as brokers, lenders, vendors, attorneys, accountants, escrow agents, etc.

3. Who are the members?

Business owners/sellers, business buyers, business brokers, agents, business escrow companies, business advisers, business lenders, financial advisers, business marketing personal, franchising companies, and other business related professionals who are directly or indirectly involved in buying and selling businesses.

4. Do I need to register to use this business to buy a business?

No, you do not need register with to navigate the site and to contact advertisers. However, if you want to receive alerts, updates, post requests, etc. then you have to register with

5. How can I activate after registration?

Once you register with, will send a confirmation link to your email address. Please click the link and your registration will be activated.

6. What will happen if I forget my password?

Do not worry or panic. You can just send an email from and we will send the password to your email address.

7. Is my registered information is secured?

Yes, your information is absolutely secure. We do not share your personal information with any third parties. However, if you do opt to receive information from buyers, brokers, lenders, franchisers, and other third parties, they will contact you via the method you’ve chosen. Also, if you wish to receive other offerings, those people involved will have access to your information. To know more about the privacy, advertisement policy, and other company policies, please read the policies, terms, and conditions of the website. If you have further questions, please send as an email to

8. What are the fees I have to pay to post a business request and to get business alerts?

This is a free service and you do not have to pay any fees for those services. Please read the terms and conditions before using those services.

9. For how long can I post my business request?

You can post for as long as you need to.

10. How long does it to activate my business request?

Usually we activate and make requests available immediately. If you do not see your request, you can email our team and they will take care of it immediately.

11. How do I renew my advertisement?

As it does not expire, there is no need for renewal.

12. Can I post more than one business request?

No, you cannot post more than one request.

13. Can I edit my request for new requirements?

Yes you can edit your request 24/7.

14. Do my business requests have to be approved by

Yes, all new and edited business requests have to be approved by for the safety and benefit of the society.

15. Do all edits have to be approved by

Yes, all edits have to be approved by for the safety and security of the community.

16. How can I deactivate or delete or remove my business request from the portal?

You can log in to your account and you can deactivate, delete, or remove your request 24/7.

17. How can I edit my business request material? proudly offers 24/7 access. You can log in to your account and go to your home page and open your advisement list. In each advertisement you can see an icon for editing. Just click that icon and edit whatever you want. You can change some or all of your material at one time, or as many times as you wish.

18. What should I do if emails go to my spam folder?

Just log in to your email account, check the Spam folder, and mark any emails as “safe” or “not junk.”

19. If I find a business on, do I need to pay any brokerage fee if I buy that business?

No, you do not have to pay any commission or brokerage fee on the purchase of the business. We understand that you might have paid fees on other portals or web services. We work for the benefit of our business community.

20. How does bring traffic to the portal? is one of the top business portals on Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. Their search engine results show as the best and most trusted site to buy businesses. We have a top position on search engines and also the GoDaddy web portal promote us as a secure site. is also doing radio talk shows, broker opinions, franchiser opinions, business intermediary professional opinions, blogs, forums, RSS, news, tips, and business news and articles to attract users to the site.

21. Why is helping me buy a business and other business services?

This is a one-stop shop and is a bridge connecting sellers, buyers, broker, franchisors, lenders, and other professionals for the exchange of business and business services. We work for our business community.

22. What is mean by market platform? brings all the available resources, such as brokers, lenders, buyers, sellers, intermediaries, vendors, franchisors, etc., into one community. This common platform gives an opportunity for community members to see and exchange services, products, offerings, etc. to develop our business community.

23. What are the differences between local search versus general search?

There are a lot of businesses available for sale in the market but no business portal has pinpoint accurate search features. Their vague and unwanted search results could waste your time. On advertisements are informative and the user can short list for the business service, categories, geographical, and also other related methods such where, what type of service, etc. and your intended business sale advertisement will be at the top of the list.

24. What is the minimum time frame I can expect for buying a business?

There is no minimum time frame to buy a business. However, based on sales research and analysis reports the lowest time frame to buy a good business is between five to six months. To know more about buying a business, please read about the stages of buying.

25. When is the right time to buy business?

There is no right time or wrong time to buy a business. Businesses can be bought any time. However, it depends on your motivation, seriousness, and necessity of purchase, and also the conditions or factors associated with your financial needs.

26. What is the right business to buy?

There is no right business or wrong business; a business is a business. However you have to know what kind of business works for you. There is a quote, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” Every buyer wants to own a profitable business and such a business should be suitable for you. Talk with your financial adviser they will tell you what business works for you.

27. Why are businesses for sale?

There are several common reasons for the sale of businesses such as retirement of the owner, health issues, partnership disputes, relocation of family, zoning changes, violations, lease issues, decrease in sales, improper management, for better opportunity, change of business, etc.

28. Is it a good idea to buy an existing business or to establish a new business?

That depends upon your personal interest. Most buyers choose an existing business as the business is already established, sales are proven, customer track record is available, and risk is less than with a new business. With a new business you have to spend time and money on licenses and permits. Sometimes you may not get the new licenses as they are limited per area. Based on business analysis reports, at least four to six months are required to get a lease, licenses, and permits. In the given market 99% of sales are for existing businesses.

29. What are the things I need to see when I am buying a business?

You have to see everything associated with the business but begin based on the order of importance. The foremost thing is location, cash flow, risk of the business, nature of the business, viability of the business, income generation of the business, transferability of the business, lease of the business, asking price of the business, age of the business, etc. There are no exemptions or exclusions. Everything has to be reviewed, verified, and understood by the buyer as the buyer is taking the liability.

30. There are so many audio clips and video clips on Can I listen to the audio clips or watch the video clips?

Yes, you can if you wish. The sellers/brokers/agents posted the clips for you. Utilize those materials and that may help you to short list your search criteria. It also gives you a better opportunity to understand the business.

31. There are a lot of businesses for sale on the portal. Can I redefine or shorten the search results?

Yes you can search by keyword of the business, or by using business components such as price, profit, and lease franchise, or by geographical area such as city, area, zip code, etc. You can also see the number of business in a given geographical area. search criteria are the best search criteria in the business world.

32. Some of the advertisements are very informative and some are not. Why?

That purely depends on the advertiser’s interest. If you are interested you can always call them to get more information.

33. Can I contact the advertiser or broker? If yes, how?

Yes, you can contact the advertiser directly if you are interested in that business or business service. You can contact them by email from and the advertiser will contact you directly.

34. Why are some advertisers not responding to me?

The advertiser’s main aim is to sell their businesses or to render professional services. If they are not responding to your call they may be out the office, you may not fulfill the advertiser’s requirements, or you may not have sent the right question. Please read the advertisement first. Before asking for further information, make sure that you fulfill the requirements for additional information.

35. Can I go with broker/agent?

It is always a good idea to go with a broker /agent as they are specialized and licensed in business brokerage services and also they are an excellent source of information about small businesses and the business buying process. They will help find the right business and they will coordinate with all parties and business professionals concerned in the business exchange transaction.

36. Should I sign an NDA/CA? If yes why?

Most of sellers/brokers/agents ask you to sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)/CA (confidential agreement) before releasing business information. This is to protect the seller and seller’s business information. However, read the agreement before signing to protect yourself.

37. Why are some sellers/brokers/agents asking for my personal information?

This varies from person to person and seller to seller. The reason for asking is that they want to see whether the buyer will qualify to buy the business or not. Most of the time the seller or broker will insist on a copy of proof of funds, business experience, and a pre-approval letter from a financial institution.

38. How can I avoid fake seller or third-party calls?

This is very simple. Ask the contacting party to send additional information before releasing your information. You can also verify their ID with the appropriate controlling authority. You can also ask them to send an email request from The site will track the IP address of the sender, and with that you will know whether the requester is true or fake. This can minimize fake calls.

39. Do I need an attorney?

This varies from business to business. It is always good idea to get the opinion of an attorney specialized in business transactions on seller carry notes, lease copies, indemnity agreements, assuming notes, equipment lease agreements, vendor agreements, merchant agreements, and other associated business agreements, etc. which can reduce the future perils and liabilities.

40. Do I need to hire a CPA or accountant?

It is always a good idea to hire a CPA/accountant who is specialized in business taxation to review and audit the seller financials, tax reports, bank statements, and other financial accounts. This is very important and even though you have sound knowledge, getting it verified by a third-party professional is desirable.

41. What is due diligence? How can I do that?

Due diligence means a personal review and verification of the business and business documents. You can verify the sale by staying at the cash register and reviewing other business reports. However you are not an expert, hence you need to hire an independent organization that can do a thorough investigation on the business. They will submit their findings and based on that you can decide if you should move forward or not.

42. May I need to ask the seller to finance the business?

It is always a great idea to ask the seller to finance as the seller knows how much the business can generate and also the changing of ownership is faster than through other sources.

43. May I impose terms and conditions on the purchase of businesses?

There is no law or agency prohibiting you from doing so. It is solely between you and the seller to decide on the conditions for the purchase of the business. Discuss with your attorney and they will guide you and the seller as to what to add and what not to add.

44. What is business worth or value?

The business worth or value is the fair market value of the business in a given geographical area. This comes from a business appraiser or business valuations person who is licensed and certified in business valuations. The report is based on the books and market. It is always a good idea talk with them before finalizing the sale price.

45. Is it mandatory to get an appraisal report on the business which I am buying?

It is not mandatory to get an appraisal value. However, if you are not sure what the value of the business is or if you and the seller do not agree on the price, you may need to get a business valuation. It also is mandatory for all business financing and it is always a good idea to get a valuation by a licensed professional.

46. Should I utilize the escrow process to close my deal?

In order to sell or exchange you need a medium for exchange to satisfy the law and also to protect all parties involved in the transaction. It is always a good idea to talk with a broker/agent/attorney that is specialized in the local laws and knows about the business sale requirements. Based on their suggestions within the permitted law you can make a decision that works for you.

47. There are lots of disclosures and other legal forms are on the site. Can I use them?

These are model forms for registered users which were prepared by our legal professionals. Our primary aim is to avoid misrepresentation and fraud and protect all parties involved in the transaction. Read the terms and conditions before using any forms

48. Do I need to pay any fee to use these forms?

No. This is absolutely free for registered users.

49. Can I email my advertisement to my friends?

Yes, you can forward your advertisement to as many friends and as many times as you like.

50. Can I refer this site to my friends?

Absolutely, you can refer this site to your friends that may find it helpful.

51. I got enough information, but I am interested to learn more about buying a business, business professional services, and other services. How can I get further information?

To know more about buying a business, how to run a business, and other business related questions you can read articles in our business resource area, or you can send us an email at or 510-556-1600 with all of your questions and we will contact you.