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CPAs/Tax consultants in America

CPAs or tax consultants come under the business intermediary service category. They are needed by buyers and sellers in the entire business cycle. Bookkeeper services are very important to run a business successfully. Their professional services keep you away from all kinds of tax problems. Hence it is always a good idea to hire a good CPA/tax consultant who is familiar with business taxes and business tax laws.

For sellers:

  • Keeps the books up-to-date
  • File tax returns according to schedules
  • Run payroll
  • Send documents to all concerned departments
  • Compiling all sales and expense reports
  • Advise on new tax laws
  • Maintain records up to statutory requirements
  • Provide businesses cash flow analysis to the seller
  • Give the valuations report if the seller want to sell a business

These are a few common jobs for the seller but these vary from seller to seller and business to business.

For buyers:

  • Financial audit for the buyer when buying a business
  • Apply for business permits and licenses
  • Apply for business names or trade names
  • File as corporation or other entity
  • Apply for tax ID and numbers
  • Do the bookkeeping
  • File tax returns according to schedule
  • Other business tax related works

These are a few of the common tasks for the buyer, though all these vary from buyer to buyer and business to business.

If you want to know more about tax/bookkeeper services, or are interested in the tax advice on buying and selling a business, or the importance and role of tax professionals, please contact us at help@bizworldusa.com or 415-234-8833 and one of our approved business tax professionals will contact you.